JPA A4 image for developers 001

Trees on development sites - the dos and don'ts

Our quick guide to working around trees

JK guide for homeowners image

Japanese knotweed: a guide for homeowners

JK facts and reassurance for homeowners from JPA's Land & Habitat team


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The right (and wrong) way to develop near trees

Play our game of snakes and ladders - are you a winner?


JK guide for developers image 001

A developer's guide to dealing with knotweed

Need to tackle JK on your site? This explains your options clearly and concisely


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Calendar of jobs to do all year round

Handy reminder of key seasonal tasks - stick it on the wall!


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Trees near new houses

The top five questions from buyers and owners



A homeowner's guide to planting trees

How to get the right tree in the right place...and keep it there


Not quite 101 uses for fallen leaves

How to make the most of this free resource 


Jobs to do in winter

Our guide to those chilly chores


Wood for good: the top logs

What to feed your woodburner, how to source logs and where to store them


How to recognise Japanese knotweed

Knotweed is often confused with other plants. Here are the key identifying features of JK


Winter plant care wrapped up

Top tips for cold-weather maintenance


Festive flora for your winter wonderland

Our pick of the plants for winter zing