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We love our historic market town of Tiverton almost as much as we love our trees, so what better way to celebrate them both than with a tree trail?

The new JP Associates Tiverton Town Tree Trail was launched by Tiverton’s mayor Councillor Wally Burke (pic above) on 26 June and, along with team JPA, he led a gaggle of schoolchildren from Heathcoat Primary School around Westexe Recreation Ground, whose trees form part of the 3km trail. Dan Vickridge, one of JPA’s consultants, helped the Year 4s to identify some of the park’s many arboricultural delights and to learn about the importance of trees in towns.

The leaflet has been designed to introduce visitors and locals alike to some of our favourite town trees, and help spread the word about the vital role they play - not only in making urban environments healthier and more attractive but also in boosting communities’ wellbeing.

As you progress along the mapped trail, you can learn some surprising facts about the most significant trees you pass, click on QR codes to access further information, and see some of the best places in our historic market town.

Along the way, you’ll be working on your mental and physical wellbeing without even realising it: our quiz will help you learn how urban trees can improve our health, and can even increase the value of your home... If, at the end, you’re inspired to get more involved with trees, we’ve even provided a list of organisations through which you can do just that.

Free copies of the JPA Tiverton Tree Trail are available from the Tiverton Tourist Information Centre based at the Museum of Mid Devon Life, and from venues around town. Happy strolling!

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