DEBI awards Stallcombe House

Huge congratulations to the Overall Winner of the 2015 DEBI Awards: Stallcombe House Farm.

The Awards, of which JPA is a proud sponsor and judge, have been run by the Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI) for more than 20 years to recognise the environmental efforts of businesses and individuals in the county. This year’s ceremony was held at the Met Office, following the highest number of entries to date, reflecting how ‘mainstream’ environmental awareness is becoming.

Stallcombe House, a provider of residential care to adults with learning difficulties, proved a very popular overall winner. It stands as an excellent example of how a sustainable ethos can not only boost the wellbeing of those involved but deliver financial benefits too.

Green means savings

Stallcombe House has introduced carbon and energy reduction initiatives such as a 250 kW PV installation, 100 kW Biomass heating scheme and ground source heat pumps. It also has a comprehensive composting system including food waste, and a reed bed filtration process for waste water. The end products of these systems are fed into the ‘Soil Association’ certified grounds which, in turn, not only create a welcoming environment for residents, staff and visitors, but have also enabled the residents to harvest nutritious produce to be used by their own kitchens and by the local community.

Combined, these initiatives have generated valuable savings for the House which have been redirected into new schemes and equipment that benefit residents.

This impressive outcome garnered Stallcombe House the DEBI Sustainable Ethos category award, as well as the Overall award, for 2015.

Category Award Winners

JPA sponsored the 2015 DEBI Environmental Champion award, which was won by Steve Whiteway, from Devon Contract Waste. His passion for recycling and waste reduction has driven numerous successful schemes throughout Devon – including working with Wrigley to obliterate litter with the #LOL Plymouth campaign, and ensuring that near-date food is given to charities rather than being dumped in landfill. He is also supporting a closed-loop recycling initiative in a Nairobi slum.

The other Category Award winners were as follows:

Many congratulations to all these inspiring environmental advocates.