It's been a while since we put out any news... but we ain't been resting on our Portuguese laurels. We've been working hard, re-evaluating our services, trying to remain resilient in uncertain times - and Jeremy is now a chartered arboriculturist through the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) and has some more letters to add after his name.

Becoming a chartered arb is, as you would imagine, a fairly lengthy process. Jeremy was required to submit a body of work for assessment and, when that was given the green light, attend a panel interview in Edinburgh.

This month we were again awarded supplier status in Devon and Cornwall by the Forestry Commission on its Plant Health Framework - really delighted to be part of this vital work and looking forward to the first tranche of surveying, wherever that may take us. Previous work has seen us doing Trace Forward surveys for Ash Dieback, and looking for signs of Phytophthora in larch.

BS5837 tree surveys for development remain at the heart of our work - and there have been plenty of those, from the South Hams to Falmouth, Southampton to Gloucester. Around that we have been advising developer clients on Japanese knotweed issues, working with Exeter University on a campus-wide resurvey of its vast tree stock, and guiding private clients in their development goals. We even had a homeowner in west London contact us about a neighbour/tree issue, which was pleasing as they had seen our website and found it useful enough to call a company 200 miles away... but although happy to travel to the south-east, we felt it appropriate to direct them gently to a more local option.