JP Associates is delighted to have been awarded a contract by Mid Devon District Council (MDDC) to survey the trees in the many public open spaces it manages, including parks, play areas and cemeteries.

MDDC has traditionally relied on static, paper-based reports to manage its tree stock. In order to further improve its management of its public liabilities and responsibilities, and to better manage its tree stock, MDDC has invested in the dynamic Ezytreev tree management system. This will enable the Council’s employees and authorised suppliers to continuously update and share the latest data. 

JPA will undertake the initial surveys and data entry, capturing details such as the species, location, age, size and condition of designated tree populations. Our QTRA-certified consultants will also perform Quantified Tree Risk Assessments, recommending and prioritising maintenance work according to the level of risk each specimen poses to the public.

Adrian Cook, MDDC’s Open Spaces Manager, said, ‘The information we get out of the system will only be as good as the data we put in, which is why it was important to use highly regarded arboriculturists for the initial system population work. With QTRA and ISO accreditations as well as strong local knowledge, JPA is the ideal partner for this project.’