Joliba pic

One of JP Associates' chosen charities is the Chagford-based Joliba Trust which supports grassroots development work with farming and cattle-raising communities in central Mali. Its focus is on projects to help women, and environmental work to sustain rural livelihoods.

photo 6 a 15 year old windbreak w420

Tree planting - such as the windbreak above - has played a major role in preserving topsoil and helping maintain farming communities. However a lack of rainfall over the past couple of years and the subsequent lack of grazing for cattle is causing huge problems: the charity says it has not seen cattle dying on this scale for many decades. The Joliba Trust is currently seeking to raise extra funds for cattle fodder for the forthcoming dry season from October to May so we thought we would try and help and give them a bit of extra publicity. 

If you would like to help this small charity make a big difference and can make a donation of any size, please go to