Southway Tree Survey Plan A2 1000 001


JPA’s team is pretty excited at the arrival of our new, top-class Global Positioning System (GPS).  The SXBlue II GPS is a compact, weather-proof, real-time receiver that reliably delivers sub-60cm positioning information to our Geographical Information System (GIS).

But what’s really great about it is what it will enable us to do for our clients.

With our new GPS/GIS capability we can now provide even more accurate arboricultural surveying and asset mapping. And we’ll be able to accurately locate and mark out tree protection areas for our developer clients.

Protection barriers can be difficult to position accurately because they are typically located in a location relative to buildings and roads that aren’t yet built. By using a precise GPS to locate the barriers, locations are plotted independently of the layout so that we, and our clients, will be able to accurately pinpoint tree protection zones, even on unbroken ground.

We’re looking forward to demonstrating this capability during our next tree survey - of the University of Exeter’s St Luke’s campus and Duckes Meadow sports fields.