2013 08 06 14.09.15 

JPA is delighted to have been awarded an ongoing contract to survey all the tree stock on the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus.

Not only does this build on our longstanding relationship with the University, but it will give us an opportunity to demonstrate the value of our new, top-of-the-range Global Positioning System (GPS) and hand-held Android survey programme. 

JPA’s SXBlue II GPS is a compact, weather-proof, real-time receiver that reliably delivers sub-60cm positioning information to our Android tablet-based Geographical Information System (GIS) survey application – Pocket GIS.

This will enable us to develop an accurate map and schedule of the University’s substantial tree collection, including a registered Botanic Garden with plantings dating back to the 19th century, some extremely rare species from around the world and the official National Azara Collection.

As part of the survey we will assess the condition of all trees and, where needed, can include a QTRA assessment. Combined, the map and survey schedule will inform the University’s ongoing tree management and planting programme. This will enable the grounds team to perform its routine health and safety, and general management, duties more efficiently. The records will also help to fulfil the obligations that come with its Botanic Garden and National Collections status more confidently, and will help to defend against emerging threats such as pests, diseases and climate change more effectively.

Iain Park, University of Exeter’s Director of Grounds, said, ‘We’re looking forward to working with JPA again. Their team is always very professional, very thorough, and up with the latest trends. This means we can rely on the information they provide to help us make the best decisions for the future of this beautiful and valuable campus.’