Dan cycling

JPA consultant Dan Vickridge achieved an impressive 4 hour 35 minute time in this year's 67-mile Medio event in the Dartmoor Classic Sportive on 22 June. Dan, hardly a sporting novice having completed the 107-mile Dartmoor Grande Sportive last year and as a regular triathlon competitor, said: 'I think I smiled all the way round. It was just a lovely way to spend a few hours, although I wished I'd achieved 4 hours 29 minutes.' Dan was riding with friends from the BBC (that's the Buckland Bike Club).

Dan's wife and their 14-year-old daughter completed the women-only event, the 35-mile Debutante, and achieved a brilliant gold standard for hitting a time of 2 hours 49 minutes and 52 seconds - eight seconds later and it would have been silver. Go the Vickridge family!

We understand Dan is currently looking forward to returning to the soft seat of his truck.