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Since 1985, Tony Benger Landscaping has built a strong reputation for its depth of experience in both commercial and domestic projects, accredited best-practice processes and sheer likeability.

Another of its strengths is its willingness to work with a close network of specialists whose expertise complements its own knowledge base to ensure that clients receive the very best advice and execution on any green issue. On arboricultural matters, this includes JP Associates (JPA).

Over the years, the two companies have pooled expertise on numerous projects, ranging from parkland development and tree management to tree safety inspections.

For example, the Clarks Village outlet shopping centre, in Street near Glastonbury, draws some four million visitors a year. Part of the appeal of this destination is its managed landscape setting, which is the responsibility of Tony Benger Landscaping. However, incorporating numerous trees on site, it poses an innate risk to visitors which must be appropriately managed.

To help with this, Tony Benger engaged JPA to inspect all trees in the Village once or twice a year - depending on weather and other pertinent conditions - to advise on the health of the trees on site and oversee any remedial action required. Chris, one of our licensed advanced QTRA practitioners, has inspected the trees for the past two years and also commented on specific issues raised by members of the public.

As an invasive species expert, JPA director Jeremy also undertook an invasive species audit of the Clarks Village site and advised the in-house landscape team on management practices to minimise the risk from invasive plants.

As part of the informal working partnership, JPA’s Chris and Dan have undertaken tree inspections at several sites including hospice grounds at Weymouth and Dorchester, a completed development in Newton Abbot, and the new Country Park at Cranbrook.

Development challenges

Most recently Tony Benger Landscaping has asked JPA to produce the various arboricultural documents to help secure planning permission for its new HQ near Honiton.

The site posed a number of potential challenges, including TPO protected trees along a roadside boundary hedge, where several sections of the old hedge bank have become somewhat eroded by previous agricultural practices. There are also several veteran Beech trees close to the proposed yard and delivery areas that will be retained as 'monoliths' so that their natural habitat progression can continue.

Following a thorough BS 5837 survey, JPA advised on how to appropriately construct the proposed buildings and hardstanding without compromising the health of existing trees, how to manage the veteran monoliths, and how to best repair and re-plant the eroded hedge bank and adjacent drainage/attenuation pond.

Crucially, with its well-respected expertise and experience in the planning sphere, JPA was also able to provide all of this arboricultural information in the format required by the Local Authority, enabling Tony Benger Landscaping to proceed efficiently with its application.