How can I best fulfil my duty of care concerning trees, cost-effectively? Do I need a tree strategy? Is my tree population in a good state? What are the most resilient street trees?

Managing the various demands of an urban public space can be daunting. You face very specific challenges, including planting constraints and associated engineering requirements, matching species to a particular site, and managing misuse and damage.

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We offer a unique blend of arboricultural, development planning and landscaping expertise. This means that we can help to ensure your trees continue to thrive and enhance your built environment while ensuring that you meet all your duty-of-care commitments.

We can undertake street tree, woodland and public open space (POS) data capture and survey contracts, as well as tree preservation order (TPO) review work. All our local authority work is tailored to individual project requirements and we can supply data in a format compatible with your IT systems.

Featured Case Study: The Forum Project

JPA’s arboricultural expertise helped the University of Exeter to develop a striking new £48 million centrepiece while protecting its botanical assets.

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The Forum Project