What happens if Japanese knotweed is discovered in my garden? Can I build an extension near trees? I’m concerned about the condition of a tree. Do I need a BS 5837 survey and if so, what will it cost?

When development plans and the natural world collide, it’s often difficult to know where to turn for help.

That’s where we come in. Our experience, pragmatic solutions and plain-speaking approach have helped many homeowners, just like you, to navigate the regulatory landscape and resolve their planning, tree and invasive species issues.

Carmichael house cropped

Our affordable services will assist you through the design and planning processes, from initial site surveys to the satisfactory completion of developments. We can offer you a step-by-step management programme for dealing with Japanese knotweed in line with RICS guidance and accepted best practice that should satisfy mortgage lenders. Or we can simply advise you about the health of an individual tree.

Call us for a friendly, no-obligation chat on 0845 643 1161.

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