Will the trees on site be an issue for my development and what information do I have to submit to the planners? Can we put a garage near a particular tree? How can we mitigate the constraints associated with trees? I need some impartial advice on dealing with Japanese knotweed.

As developers, architects or planning agents, you face many conflicting demands. Making designs work around site constraints while maximising the return on investment requires close collaboration between all parties.

An independent arboricultural partner is vital for any successful development where there are trees. Our guidance is informed by many years of development site surveys, negotiations and hands-on project management and our experience means we can anticipate and address tree-related planning issues in a timely manner.


As your project arboriculturists we can bring not only arboricultural expertise but also a thorough understanding of both the planning system and development procedures. We are practised in liaising with Local Planning Authorities (LPAs): we know what information they want, when they want it, and in what format, and we have the systems in-house to deliver it as required.

All of which minimises project delays, reduces costs and gives you the best chance of gaining the desired permissions.

But that’s not all: if you need, we’ll help you manage and discharge any planning conditions to ensure you achieve final LPA sign-off as quickly as possible. This usually entails us carrying out regular site visits, for example, to ensure any specified tree work is completed satisfactorily, or to check that tree protection measures are adequate.

Featured Case Study: Somerdale

JP Associates was appointed primary arboricultural advisor for Taylor Wimpey's 228-acre development of the former Cadbury/Fry factory site.

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